This application shall be accompanied by:-

    • A letter stating the purposes for which the network is required
    • A brief description of the proposed network with a diagram showing locations for the Radio stations and aerial distances between them.
    • Copies of the following documents: -
      • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration Certificate 
      • Valid business license/Certificate 
      • Tax Compliance Certificate 
      • Working Permit for the Foreign Directors (if the Directors are not Somaliland citizens and are residing in Somaliland
      • Copies of Somaliland National Identity Cards (ID) or Foreign passports for all  Directors and Shareholders of   the Applicant (Both sides of the ID should be copied onto the same side of an A4 size paper, and Passport copies should include pages showing the nationality, date of issue and expiry, name and photograph of the holder.)



Download the following forms and the fill-in

Digital Television Broadcasting Application

Maritime - Ship Application