Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Department of Technology and Innovation is responsible for: -

  • Playing an active role in shaping the strategic direction of the Ministry’s Technology Initiatives that drives the development of enterprise technology architectures and standards, and performance metrics to ensure infrastructure and operations deliver value.
  • Preparing an action plan for the establishment of a research framework for the development of Somaliland Technology sector
  • Taking responsibility for organizing the annual ICT conference in collaboration with the ICT department.
  • Coordinating the application and dissemination of technology research development and innovation inputs, evolution and dissemination of technology and innovation efforts.
  • Propose the foundation for Somaliland technology and innovation fund for the quick development of the sector
  • Leading the development and implementation of guidelines for the management of the technology and innovation fund, policies, plans and programs for research promotion and development.
  • Coordination the Promotion of technology research and development of Local innovators especially local students and local scholars
  • Management the incubation center and ensure the promotion of research and development of indigenous innovations for the purpose of facilitating indigenous knowledge system.
  • Take the lead in the establishment and study of structures, guidelines, working standards of nation incubation center
  • Raise funds for the incubation center from the donors, tech-private companies and other development partners.
  • Prepare/develop policies, standards, and guidelines for the technology and innovation research and development initiatives.
  • Implement policies, standards, and guidelines for the technology and innovation research and development initiatives
  • Report on the implementation of policies, plans, programs, and guidelines on research development for technology and innovation.
  • Forecasts future skill needs to acquire and develop an IT workforce with the appropriate mix of business knowledge, technical skills, and competencies that balance between growing the agility required to achieve business objectives and ensuring the core IT functions are reliable, stable, secure, and efficient.
  • Preparation of the annual financial estimates of the department in consultation with the heads of sections.
  • Harmonizing annual work plans for the department.
  • Coordinating the preparation of the monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports.
  • Coordinating the preparation of department’s risk management framework Preparing annual monitoring and evaluation report.