• The Development of the required ICT Legal Frameworks.
  • Implementing Guidelines and Standards for Government ICT Projects and their Procurements.
  • Enhancing Republic of Somaliland’s Cyber Resilience.
  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation system and tools for the implementation of ICT Legal Frameworks.
  • Ensure critical infrastructure is protected - establishing a Cybersecurity and Privacy group to oversee the development and enforcement of national cybersecurity policies, and develop a Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT).
  • Establish a National Cybersecurity Strategy and National Multi-stakeholder Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
  • Ensure the protection of Critical Physical ICT Infrastructure against vandalism and theft, and Establish processes for Recovery and Business Continuity.
  • Engage in Regional and International Collaboration to protect Somaliland’s Cyberspace.
  • Establishing rules for ensuring privacy of information held by Government and the private sector within the context of Open Data objectives.
  • Harmonizing and Standardizing ICT Curriculum for Higher Education.
  • Setting up quarterly meeting for Government Institution’s ICT Departments

Saleban Mohamed Abdi
Department Director
Government Technology Department
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

The Republic of Somaliland
Phone: +252-63-4127539