Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Telecom department is responsible for: -

  • Prepare regulations, policies, and guidelines for the telecommunications sector.
  • Managing the country’s frequency spectrum and numbering resources.
  • Issue License all systems and services in telecommunications and broadcasting.
  • Renew licenses, and supervise the execution of these licenses.
  • Conduct research and development in the field.
  • Establish rules of interconnection and review contracts of interconnection.
  • Encourage competition in the field of telecom.
  • Monitor tariffs and prevent non-competitive behavior.
  • Ensure market transparency.
  • Act as a mediator to resolve disputes arising between licensees.
  • Formulate standards and procedures for the review of complaints.

Shadia Abdi Khalif
Department Director
Telecom Department
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
The Republic of Somaliland
Phone: +252-65-4125950