Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Telecom department is responsible for: -

  • Issuing telecom licenses and following the licensee’s compliance and implementation status and awarding competent licensees.
  • Analyze technical data of communication systems and, based upon knowledge of radio equipment and radio propagation.
  • Initiate and track actions at the National or International level, as required, to eliminate conflicts in frequency assignments that arise as a result of the heavily congested radio frequency spectrum.
  • Publish the technical standards that must be met by wireless equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment.
  • Ensure that technical standards of telecommunications equipment are based on a set of international, regional, and national standards, as well as other specifications.
  • Responsible that Technical standards of health and safety requirements are applied to all telecommunications equipment.
  • Generate, submit and track frequency assignment requests through Spectrum.
  • Evaluate and analyze Table of Frequency Allocations, channel plans, and planned changes to the Radio Regulations as prepared at national and international telecommunications conferences to consider the potential impact to the communications systems and equipment.
  • Coordinate with installation spectrum managers, fleet operational users, and other spectrum-dependent system stakeholders
  • Make sure that if telecommunications equipment incorporates multiple technologies, all relevant technical standards shall be applicable to that equipment
  • Prepare and get approval for the working structure of his/her department and implement accordingly
  • Delegating some of the less important and less urgent tasks to the section heads and another department.
  • Does whatever the Minister and Director General delegate him/her in a timely fashion
  • Holds continue meeting with his team and reports to the Ministry top management officials
  • Participates on behalf of the department all Ministry weekly meetings and top-level management meetings and reports back to hi/her team.
  • Encourages his/her staff to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the Ministry
  • Prepare and implement five (5) year strategic plan and budget for the department