Department Mandate:


  • Responsible for all the required Legal Framework for developing E-government tin Somaliland.
  • Develop and implement the E-government regulations, guidelines, and standards
  • The Department is responsible in designing government data center that consolidates services, applications and infrastructure to provide efficient electronic delivery of Government to Government (G2G), Government to Citizens (G2C) and Government to Business (G2B) services delivered by the various government agencies through a common platform supported by core connectivity infrastructure.
  • Prepare plans for development and installation of Data Centre according to the present and future requirement
  • Supervise designing and evaluation of all servers according to measurement of process. 3
  • Establish and Manage Somaliland National Data Centre for well protected government data.
  • Lead with an extra commitment to the implementation of the government e-Government system initiatives.
  • Take the lead for the implementation of e-government projects
  • Organize different workshops for the implementation of e-government for Somaliland
  • Public awareness campaign on e-government implementations.
  • Study and development of functional government networking system for the entire GoSL
  • Playing an active role in shaping the strategic direction of the Ministry’s Technology Initiatives that drives the development of enterprise technology architectures and standards, and performance metrics to ensure infrastructure and operations deliver value.
  • Taking responsibility for organizing the annual ICT conference in collaboration with the ICT department.


Abdisamad Khadar X Dahir
Department Director
Digitalization and Innovation Department
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

The Republic of Somaliland
Phone: +252-63-4794582