The Department of Postal Service is responsible for: -


  • Regulate Private postal carriers
  • with full pledged infrastructure for inbound and outbound postal service currier.
  • Develop a legal framework for Providing Postal Service
  • Boost the relationship between the Ministry and private post curriers
  • Work with the National Bank for the implementation of different stamp services essential
  • for the implementation self-sufficient post office in Somaliland
  • Boost the International Postal Services
  • Strengthen the relationship between Somaliland Postal Service with the regional countries
  • Prepare the current staff for the implementation of full-pledged Somaliland postal service
  • Lead with an extra commitment to the implementation of the government e-Government
  • system initiatives that which is pertaining to the post service.
  • Prepare and get approval the working structure of his/her department and implement accordingly
  • Prepare a roadmap for the implementation of the establishment of a national post office
  • Delegating some of the less important and less urgent tasks to the section heads and other departments.
  • Does whatever the Minister and Director General delegate him/her in a timely fashion
  • Holds continue meeting with his team and reports to the Ministry top management officials
  • management meetings and reports back to his/her team.
  • Encourages his/her staff to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities


Aidarous Mohamed Abiib
Department Director
Postal Department
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
The Republic of Somaliland
Phone: +252-63-4416561


How to Apply for a license for an unserved Postal service

Please download the following form then fill in