Postal Addressing System

Postal Addressing System


Somaliland, Ministry of Communication and Technology is responsible for defining developmental policies to accelerate the growth of telecommunication and technology services. Currently, our country doesn't have a formal address and postal or mail delivery system. For that reason, there is no mechanism available for the delivery of goods and locating the property. However, here is the good news. In partnership with Geosol a technology and GIS service Provider Company;

We are introducing postal addressing system for the first time in Somaliland history. The new addressing system will make it easy for residents should know which district they live in, their street name, door number and zip code to receive and send national and international parcels and other delivery packages. Furthermore, the service will create new job opportunities for citizens for new services such as deliveries, post services and E-Commerce

So, we are delighted to announce this new innovative, and exciting service is now available in our capital city- Hargeisa. Therefore, we would like to urge land and property owners to register their land and properties from Hargeisa Local Authority to get unique house/building address and obtain highly secure ownership documents (Mulkiyad).


Classification of streets

Following are the classification of roads in Hargeisa;

Main roads

Main Roads are the higher order roads in transportation network system which have higher width and length. The roads with more than or equal to 20-meter width (ROW) and a length of minimum 2 kilometres can be considered as main roads.


Avenues are the east to west running roads or horizontal roads. This type of roads connecting other main roads or streets.


Streets are north to south running roads or vertical roads. These roads are connecting other main roads or avenues


Lanes narrow roads which are connecting two streets or avenues.


Loops are circular roads